Who We Are

Kensington UCITS ICAV is a full-service brokerage, so we are able to offer you all the services that you need in one place. At Kensington UCITS ICAV, we offer a wide variety of investment services and opportunities to meet the needs of each client. When we create your ideal portfolio, your needs and goals are taken into mind and kept at the forefront of any and all decision-making processes. As well as a personal portfolio for the solo trader, we also offer a number of services for corporations and businesses that are in the market for risk-adverse strategies to propel their company to the next level.

Kensington UCITS ICAV has been involved in the financial industry since 2018, and in that time we have grown a team of experienced brokers and traders who share decades of knowledge of the financial industry and how it works. Kensington UCITS ICAV specializes in offering each of our clients a diverse range of services, strategies, and solutions. This includes but is not limited to, retail and corporate brokerage services, private wealth management, investment analysis, and research. Each member of our teams is a highly educated professional with more than enough experience to show our clients customized investment opportunities that are tailored to their specific needs. Being an international investment advisory, Kensington UCITS ICAV has access to a larger number of opportunities and the facilities to better analyze and research those opportunities than local brokerages.

By making the right choice to work with one of our brokers here at Kensington UCITS ICAV you will gain deep insight into the world of international investments and have access to our expertise in the markets. Kensington UCITS ICAV has built a network of individuals, companies, and other leading financial experts to bring the best possible results to our clients. By making use of our connections and our team's expertise, we are able to provide our clients with opportunities that have been researched and have undergone heavy analysis, so that we know before we present them to you, our clients, that the opportunity will be a success.

Kensington UCITS ICAV’s investment advisory teams consist of industry experts who have backgrounds in investment banking, personal wealth protection, financial planning, global economics, corporate advisory, and more. Our advisors work closely together to make use of each individual's strengths; this allows us as a company to bring you, our clients, the right information, financial solutions, and insights to help your portfolio reach its maximum potential.

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