Rarely is the road to a better future straight or obvious.

Financial services companies all over the world, including those in real estate, insurance, investment management, banking, and capital markets, handled the pandemic with incredible strength and flexibility, helping people, groups, and governments get back on their feet.

But the ascent continues to be upward. The Ukrainian conflict, inflation, supply-chain disruptions, and the potential for a regional or global recession are all recent geopolitical and economic challenges. However, 2023 also promises to be a year in which additional regulations and obligations around transparency become market realities.

How will Kensington UCITS ICAV find its way through the future? Applying the lessons we've learned since 2020 will help us overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. We'll lean on clever strategy and execution while putting an emphasis on people, technology, risk, regulation, and purpose. While some businesses may choose to take cutting measures, we will advocate for better execution by identifying ways technology can be used to add value and improve customer experiences. We have made the deliberate choice to step up and lead, looking for chances to invest in people and the environment, unlike some businesses that may respond to ESG obligations defensively by doing only what is necessary.

The "new normal" may finally become apparent in 2023. Opportunities will arise to shape a future where purpose and profit are closely connected. Kensington UCITS ICAV will be prepared to advance the sector.

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